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Helping Heart Families Be Mighty Since 2011

The warrior doesn’t go into battle without fear, but fights in spite of it. Oakes Ortyl battled every day of his brief life with courage and serenity, defying the odds time and again, giving strength to those around him. Oakes was mighty. Following his example, Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation stands beside congenital heart families in the struggle to have hope against the odds, to find peace in the battle, to choose love over fear. Through financial and emotional support that’s unique to the needs of each family, we seek to help them be a constant, mighty presence for their child, giving their little warrior every reason to keep fighting.


Our vision is to be a source of strength, assurance and hope to families of children with congenital heart defects. We are dedicated to expanding our reach, while continuing to support and connect with families on a personal level. We seek to be an example of the power of love to overcome fear and make us mighty.

The Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation (MOHF) was launched in 2011. Its namesake, Oakes Ortyl, was the acorn from which the tree of MOHF has grown and flourished. It is his legacy that the foundation honors each time that we reach out in individual, personalized, and powerful ways to assist families affected by the myriad of challenges congenital heart defects presents.

As MOHF grows, we are truly thankful for the enduring support of our donors who have entrusted in us to provide the greatest good with each dollar they donate. We are dedicated to always channeling our donor's money, time, and energy wisely and with great care.


With each heart family we help, our tree grows mightier—nourished by your generosity and love. 

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