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How Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation supports 
How Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation supports
  • Providing families with gas cards to assist with their travels to and from the hospital, gift cards to stores such as Wal-Mart and Target to help in shopping for essential items for their family, and gift cards to restaurants and coffee shops.

  • Delivering meals to families while they are at the hospital or to their homes.

  • Distributing care packages to heart families in hospital.

  • Purchasing birthday gifts and holiday gifts for patients, siblings, and parents.

  • Helping families locate mental health support in their communities.

  • Covering the cost of hotel rooms, from single day to several week-long stays.

  • Paying for Ronald McDonald House bills.

  • Covering utility bills so that families can be at the hospital with their heart warrior instead of at work.

  • Making mortgage payments.

  • Paying for car repairs.

  • Covering the moving expenses for families when they need to move to a city that offers better medical care for their heart warrior.

  • Pampering heart moms who stand vigil at the bedside of their heart warrior for hours every day by sending them to lunch, for a haircut, or for a massage.

  • Commissioning custom fingerprint jewelry of a heart warrior who does have much time left. 

  • Providing mini photo sessions with baby and family along with a full album of prints from the session. 

  • Fulfilling special requests, including finding a donor who passed along a Scottish harp to one of the chaplains at SLCH so she could sit in the NICU and calm everyone with harp music.

  • Helping other SLCH families in organizing their own fund-raising.

  • Sponsoring tuition for Camp Rhythm campers.

  • "Spoil the Nurses" committee - On the 10th of every month, Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation volunteers to bring treats to the nurses and staff at the hospital that take care such good care of Cardiac Intensive Care Unit kids. 


  • Crib Height Stools - The Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation has provided eight beautiful, custom-made, top-of-the-line, hospital-standard, crib-height stools in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Each stool is important because they allow the tired and worried parents a simple needed yet comfortable rest as they stay alert and hopeful at their little one's side each day and night. Each stool has a nameplate and is dedicated to one of eight special families who have had children in the CICU.


  • Engage and Entertain - Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation arranges for special donations of developmental toys and equipment to the hospital's Child Life, Music Therapy, Physical Therapy and Heart Center departments. These donations help to enrich the lives of the patients and their families while they are at the hospital. Items donated to date include three large floor mats so that children can play safely on the floor. developmental toys spanning different age and developmental levels, mobiles for the beds and prisms for the windows, a back stock of Boppys (Bare Naked Nursing Pillows), Boppy covers, waterproof barriers for Boppys, CDs; bibs, socks for little ones and more!


  • Creativity at Work - We continue to deliver a large assortment of art supplies for nurses to use when assisting families in creation of one-of-a-kind art work with their precious little ones.

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