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Apply for a Grant

Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation works to support families of children battling congenital heart defects financially, emotionally and in ways unique to their needs. When it comes to financial support we identify and support children with congenital heart defects and their families in two distinct ways - hospital partnerships and direct family support. 

Hospital Partnerships:

As we are growing and expanding our reach, we have established Hospital partnerships with the following hospitals and today, families being treated here take priority to other applicants. If your child is being treated at either of these hospitals, and your family qualifies for family support, please proceed to the application below. If your child is being treated at a different hospital, applications will be reviewed and awarded on a case-by-case basis.


St Louis Children's Hospital · St. Louis, MO

Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital · St. Louis, MO

Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital · St. Louis, MO

Children’s Mercy Hospital ·  Kansas City, MO

Lurie Children's Hospital · Chicago, IL

Medical University of South Carolina · Charleston, SC

Direct Family Support:

We realize that with 1 in 100 babies being born with a heart defect every year, there is a critical need for assistance from families that do not live within our primary area of assistance. If that is you, we still want to see if we can help. In order to qualify for support, the family applying:

  • Must have a child with a congenital heart defect, and be able to explain how their child’s diagnosis has created financial strain on their family. 

  • Must be able to refer us to their social worker

  • Be hospitalized for a minimum of two consecutive weeks or anticipate a prolonged hospitalization. 

  • We give precedence to families who live more than 25 miles away from the hospital where their child is being treated.


In order to award grants to families, we work closely with the social work and medical professions to identify families who are facing acute life challenges as a result of their child’s diagnosis.  These life challenges often include, but are not limited to, financial strains, emotional challenges, difficulties having the freedom to be by the bedside, as well as struggles with transportation & housing which is related to their medical crisis and prolonged hospitalization.

It is important to note, although our passion for our vision is limitless, our resources are not. All families facing congenital heart defects are encouraged to apply for support. However, please know that we are unable to provide support to all families. We have a well-defined application review process focused on identifying those families facing emergency financial hardships associated with their diagnosis and prolonged hospitalization.

Finally, we review grants every two weeks and once they are awarded, we will directly take care of payments associated with your grant application. Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation will not send a family a check or cash. Once you have been identified as a family which we can help, a staff member will be in touch to explain the next steps of the process.

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